You can arrive in St. George by plane, by cruise or in your own boat.

If by plane, you’ll fly into Point Salines International Airport. The airport receives flights from other Caribbean destinations, South America, United States, Canada and Europe. Usually, planes coming from Europe stop at an American or other Caribbean airport before arriving in St. George. The airport is serviced by international carriers such as Air Canada, Air Jamaica, American Airlines, British Airways, Condor, Conviasa, US Airways and Virgin Atlantic among others.

American travelers should be aware that beginning December 31, 2006 they should show their passport to enter Grenada; UK and Canadians can still present any official ID. To leave Grenada, there is a $ 50 EC charge for adult travelers and a $ 25 for kids between 12 and 5 and no charge for those under 5.

If you are flying your private plane, be away that the airport is open from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm.

St. George is a must stop for every cruise ship. Some of the cruise lines servicing Grenada are: Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Silversea Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Radisson Seven Cruises among others.

For those travelers navigating in the Caribbean sea, try docking in Grenada Yacht Club. You can check out their website at for information about facilities and for updates of space availability and docking procedures.