Many people ask which of the hundreds of Jamaican resorts they should stay at. This is a very personal question which depends on what a tourist is looking for in a vacation.

The following table lists a number of factors various people have, over the years, stated are very important (some people often say the factors are critical to their vacation) to them in picking a resort for a vacation in Jamaica. Rate the importance of each factor listed as it applies to you (as opposed to the needs of other people). When you are finished you should have a very good idea what you are and are not looking for in a Jamaican resort. You can then compare the items that are important to you against the features of the many resorts in Jamaica to find the one just right for you. This can be done by talking to your travel agent, looking at resorts websites, asking specif questions of other users of TripAdvisor, etc.

In the following table, except for the two items at the bottom of the table, check the value of '1' for 'not very important' thru '5' for 'very important' to match your desires (requirements) in a Jamaican vacation resort.

See also the travel guide article titled "Picking a Jamaican Destination".

 The resort I am looking for ...

1 - not very important

 2  3  4  5 - very important
is near the airport (within a 30 min. drive)
is not near the airport (more than a 30 min. drive from airport          
accepts only adults (singles or couples age 18 and above)
accepts only adult couples (age 18 and above, no single adults, and no children)
accepts all types of people (singles, couples, and children of all ages)      
is specifically designed for families with children (age 17 and under)          
is all inclusive or offers an all inclusive option      
is not all inclusive          

is located in or near a major town (Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, etc.)

is not located in or near a major town          
has a (one) restaurant          
has multiple (two or more) restaurants          
has room service available          
has a (one) bar          
has multiple (two or more) bars          
has a stocked mini-bar in each room          

has a (one) swimming pool

has multiple (two or more) swimming pools for use by all guests          
has one or more swimming pools with a swim-up bar          
has one swimming pool for each guest room (individual private pools)          
has a Jacuzzi for use by all guests     
has a private Jacuzzi in each room     
is located directly on the beach          
has designated some part of its beach as being clothing optional          
has designated some part of its beach as being nude (no clothing allowed)          
offers entertainment one or more times per week          
has a disco (DJ with recorded music)    
offers dancing to music supplied by a live band one or more times per week          
has an on-site casino (a room with slots)          
is near various forms of entertainment outside the resort          
offers supervised daytime activities and facilities for children (age 17 and under)          
offers babysitting services (during the day and/or evening)          
has a staffed nursery for babies          
has full or part time nanny service included or available          
offers suites (multiple rooms)          
offers loft suites (multiple rooms located on multiple floors)          
offers swim-up pool suites (multiple rooms with door opening directly onto swimming pool)          
offers private hut or bungalow style rooms (one room per building)          
offers rooms with butler service          
offers handicap accessible rooms          
is near shopping outside the resort          
has a gift shop at the resort
is near restaurants outside the resort
has or is near a golf course          
has one or more tennis courts          
offers various types of spa services          
has rooms with kitchenettes or other cooking facilities     
has WIFI access in some or all areas          
offers SCUBA and/or snorkeling          
offers various water-sports other than SCUBA (windsurfing, kayaking, etc.)          
offers various land sports such as hiking, biking, racquetball, squash, etc.
has a business center and/or meeting space available          
has a gym or fitness center          
offers Yoga classes     
offers wedding services     
is located near tourist attractions such as ... (provide a list of attractions)          
  very small (under 50 rooms) 50-100 rooms  100-200 rooms  200-500 rooms very large (500 or more rooms)
size is (number of rooms)          
    dollars per day per person not including airfare between home and the resort
budget (basic hotel charge) for one person per day is