A couple good books to read that are set in Negril, Jamaica are: 

1. Banana Shout by Mark Conklin--This author currently owns and operates a small resort in Negril called "Banana Shout".  His book is about the adventures of a character named Tavo, who travels to Jamaica to avoid the Vietnam draft in the '70's and sets up residence in Negril.

2. Walk Good by Roland Reimer--a book about the author's many trips to Negril and the weird and wonderful things he encounters along the way.

Also, a  good general resource for things to see and do, places to stay and eat, as well as things to avoid is The Rough Guide to Jamaica.  It contains pretty much anything and everything you want to know about traveling in Jamaica.

go to your local library and at about 915 in the dewey decimal system you will find all the travel handbooks. read up on jamaica before you go . you will find many inexpensive places to stay reviewed in these handbooks.