Reggae music is one of many beautiful things that can be found in Jamaica - There is nothing like the island breeze blowing and listening to some beautiful music.

 Reggae comes in many styles and discusses many topics - From death and war to love and relationships - there is scarcely a subject you won't hear touched in song.

 Many American songs are often remade into reggae style - Listen to some Sanchez, and you will hear many Barry Manilow or Brian McKnight melodies.

 Roots reggae goes beyond the Late Great Robert Nestor Marley - Pick up some Culture, Dennis Brown, Luciano, and you will hear a whole new sound to expand your horizon.

 Lover's Rock features crooners such as Sanchez, Singing Melody, Ghost, Wayne Wonder - love and life lyrics to touch your heart!

 Dancehall is where the fun begins - Artists will sing songs making fun of each other, relationships, the government - no one is safe!  Listen carefully to learn the words, and don't be shocked by some of them - Think of Eddie Murphy Raw!