The best Ocho Rios shopping was in the crafts mart across from the Soni Plaza.  Sure you have to bargain your way to the best deals, but that’s where you will find them.  The folks are are friendly, after all, you are the customer.  Start at the back of the mart where there are the hungrier vendors ( the one’s up front get alot more action and pay more for their location.)  Go here for t-shirts, crafts and wood carvings, and general stuff.

For watches, jewelry, perfumes etc check out the duty free shops, always seem to get good discounts at Royal Shop but they all should offer something off list price 

Craft booth

In Negril, there’s also a craft market that is fun for bargaining. Jamaican art can be purchased very reasonably here.

Souvenir shopping is fun at the Sunshine Plaza or Times Square Plaza in Negril. Shopping ranges from t-shirts and Jamaican spices to upscale jewelry.

Shopping in Montego Bay can pose more of a challenge as each vendor is desperate for your business.

Try a stress free shopping experience at Halfmoon Shopping VIllage. There is a wide assortment of products available, including souvenirs, clothing and accessories, haviana flipflops, beach accessories, swimsuits, straw products, cigars, and duty free items.There is also a post office to mail postcards, a beauty salon , two restaurants and a museum about Bob Marley .

Some suggestions for things to bring home are: Cuban cigars, Appleton Rum,  Jerk Seasonings, and Juicey Patties.  There is a greaet cigar shop in Montego Bay’s Ironshore district.  Rum is best purchased at the airport on your way home, and jerk seasoning, either wet or dry, can be found in any grocery store.