Dunn’s River Falls, Fern Gully and Ocho Rios 

Dunn’s River Falls, Fern Gully, and Ocho Rios are often offered as a Tour Package at many resorts. Most tours are around $40 each, including transportation and admission to the sites. This can vary widely, however, depending on where you are staying (how close you are to the attractions) and the tour operator.  Some other activities to do include horseback riding, tubing or rafting on the White River, swimming with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove, snorkeling, and sailing on one of the many Catamaran's in Ochi.  Jet skiing and para-sailing are also available through your hotel or right on Turtle Beach by the marina.

Dunn’s River Falls are fun and not too challenging, as long as you are in fairly good shape. Basically you are walking up a huge waterful, using the rocks to make your way up. It can look a little scary standing at the bottom, but there are guides to help you maneuver the difficult parts and everyone holds hands and helps each other. There are plenty opportunities for taking pictures so bring your camera. The guides will carry your camera in a water-proof bag if you want although I recommend buying a disposable water-proof for this occasion so you don’t have to worry.

Most of the guided trips up the falls are fairly large groups (>20 people).  Members of the group hold hands, so if one person falls, several others go down with him/her.  If you would prefer not to join such a chain, bypass the guide station and go down to the bottom of the falls and wait.  With in moments you will likely be approached by a free lance guide who will take you up for a tip.  It is always wise to negotiate a fair price before you climb.

Fern Gully is basically just a large hillside with many tropical plants and trees. The whole tour is riding up the hill and looking out the window of the tour van, then riding back down. Other than looking at plants, there is no real reason to pay extra for this five minute tour. At various stops along the way there are vendors displaying their wares for sale. The van driver will stop if you want to browse.

Ocho Rios is a HUGE tourist trap, so don’t expect the "real" Jamaica. There is basically store after store selling the same souviners, all at different prices (depending on whether you bargain with the seller or not). There is also a huge outdoor market. Some may find this interesting, others may find it to be very touristy and overwhelming. The vendors can be very pushy, but they are trying to make a living. Be aware you are not always getting the best prices - for example,  Appleton rum purchased for $11 at the duty free shop in Ocho Rios was only $8 at the airport’s duty free shop.

SPORTS in the capital KINGSTON

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