The usual Jamaican cooked breakfast has the standard set of side orders along with the main breakfast entree -

1. Steamed Callaloo or Cabbage - thinly sliced steamed vegetables with onion, tomato, thyme and garlic

2. Steamed Dumpling (boiled)

3. Fried Dumpling

4. Steamed yellow plantain (boiled)

5. Fried green or yellow plantain

6. Boiled Yam or Dasheen (starchy vegetable)

7. Boiled Sweet Potato

8. Fried Breadfruit (roasted first, then sliced and fried)

9. The main entree is one of these - Ackee & Saltfish ( the national dish of Jamaica); Sauteed mackeral with onions, tomato, garlic and thyme; Sauteed Kidney and / or Liver; Mackeral Rundown with onions, tomato, garlic and thyme cooked in coconut milk; Saltfish Fritters; There are many more.