“American style” flirting or even innocent exuberance can be misinterpreted here. Not to discourage anybody from going out to party – but ALWAYS have someone with your party as a designated “observer/babysitter/bodyguard if the other person plans to get loose, and neither of you are completely familiar with Jamaican runnings. And if someone in the party decides to wander off on their own, then they’re ON their own with whatever situation they encounter, good or bad.

And finally, remember that flirting, and picking up/entertaining visitors, ESPECIALLY single females, is a way of life for many, many of the footloose-and-fancy-free men of the resort towns – it is a lucrative business for those with polish and finesse, it is a training ground for many aspiring lotharios.

Ask yourself this: if you meet this impossible to resist man at night on the town, where is he going to be by day? Not working? Don’t buy into the story of him having a “week’s vacation” conveniently at this very moment, from work. Do you meet him on the beach by day? Where is he at night? STILL not working? Hmmmmm. AND, if he is working when you meet him, and makes that play for you in the first 5 minutes, 3 hours, half-day, whatever…..not that you’re not totally irresistible, but have you spent any time at all watching him from afar to see how he deals with other ladies passing through?

This is not to discourage anyone from getting out and meeting people - You will meet some of the nicest people you have ever encountered in your life.  But you need to use caution, just as you would anywhere else, and be aware of your surroundings.  Women, especially when travelling alone or with other female friends, will often be targets for less than honest characters.  Trust your gut instincts, step back and observe the situation, listen to the opinions of the security guards at your hotel (they often know the truth), and judge each person for yourself.  You could make a friend for life, but you could also save yourself some grief by using common sense.