By Air

    Norman Manley International Airport is located half way along a 10 mile strip of land which runs from the mainland to the historical city of Port Royal.  It is a across the seventh biggest harbour in the world from Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.  The airport provides a regional stopover for other Caribbean island destinations, as well as connecting Jamaica to England, the United States, Canada, and Central America, to name a few regions. Major airlines that service Norman Manley International Airport include Air Canada, Air Jamaica, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines and US Airways.

     Visitor will have to pass through immigration and customs upon arrival in Kingston. American and Canadian passengers traveling to Jamaica on vacation can present a birth certificate and another state-issued ID in lieu of a passport.

    The airport is located about half an hour from downtown Kingston. Taxis are available to take visitors to the mainland. There is also a public bus service that runs between Kingston and the airport, operated by the Jamaican Urban Transport Company. However, visitors unfamiliar with Kingston may find the bus service confusing. Another option is to rent a car. Many international car rental agencies are locate at the airport, including Hertz and Budget.