It should be no problem in Kingston to find something to do at night. Bars and clubs are great places to get an insight into local culture, as residents don't shy away from them. There is also plenty of opportunities to see live Jamaican music, anything from the homegrown reggae to pop, soca and meringue. Be on your guard, though, as Kingston is notorious for being a city that is not safe at night. Always be aware of who and what is around you, and take taxis from place to place to minimize danger.

    One of the most popular nightspots in Kingston is a club called Asylum. There is nightly entertainment, with different nights devoted to different music, such as reggae, oldies or karaoke. The dancing doesn't really get started until late: around one or two in the morning. If you get there before then, there may be a contest going on, or you may even get free admission. Otherwise, the cover is about 300 Jamaican dollars, or 5 US dollars.

    Another place to check out is the Mingles Pub & Pool Bar in the Creighton Hotel. Saturday night is reserved for salsa and meringue dancing, with lessons offered beforehand around 7 o'clock. Thursday night features karaoke, and Friday is a popular night to just hang out at the bar. A Latin menu is available, with mini-platters of snacks. 

   If you are a real dancehall fan, you can not miss the legendary soundsystem parties: Weddy Weddy in Uptown Kingston, and offcourse Passa Passa in Tivoli Gardens.  Both take place at wednesday night, till 3 am it's weddy time, and then the crowd relocates to passa passa, and party till late after sunrise. Weddy Weddy is free for ladies, and Passa Passa is free for everyone, but be advised there are no public bathroom facilities at the last one.