Kingston is known as a cultural center of the Caribbean, and the Jamaican theater scene has a rich and renowned history dating back to 1682, when the island's first theater opened in Spanish Town. Jamaica has its own style of theater, which is a mixture of music and dance, but theaters also put on classical and popular plays.

Ward Theater

   This venue has been a mainstay of Jamaican theater since it opened in 1912, and is the successor to two other theaters, the Kingston Theater, and the Royal Theater, both destroyed by disasters. The Ward is considered the most influential and famous theater in the Caribbean, and was instrumental in the development of Jamaican theater. Broadway shows visited the Ward during its heyday, which lasted until the late 20th century. Today, the theater puts on plays, pantomimes and dance performances.

   Many other venues exist in Kingston where you can catch plays and other performances. The list includes the Little Theater, the New Kingston Theater, the Centerstage Theater, and others. Check the list at the bottom of this page for more information and for locations.


Edna Manley College

The Edna Manley College Operates a single campus in kingston , It is a tertiary institution which offers training in Visual Arts Music , Drama and Dance , Architecturally the Campus is designed extremely well with fine use made of levels and transitions , They also offer many short courses which would be appropriate for visitors . They have shows and presentations that are open to the public , great place to visit in Kingston and has a very arsty vibes