Bob Marley Week

    This event is held every year the week of Bob Marley's birthday, the 6th of February, an celebrate's the artist's life, which ended in 1981 due to cancer. Marley-themed events throughout the week include concerts, movies, lectures, a karaoke contest (Jamaicans love karaoke), arts and crafts booths, and many more. The event is put on by the Robert Marley Foundation of Jamaica, which also runs the Bob Marley Museum, where many of the week's events are held.

Jamaica Carnival

    Kingston is the site of Jamaica's largest Carnival, the series of celebrations during the weeks leading up to Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday. The event did not become an established tradition until 1990. Before then, Carnival celebrations had been attempted before, but were doomed by poor planning. Today it is arguably Jamaica's largest and most successful festival, replete with pageantry, spectacle and revelry in the streets. Events are numerous, and include dancing, costumed processions, parties on the beach, parades and concerts. In the history of Jamaica's carnival, there has been no reported thefts or violence, a surprising fact given the cultural state of affairs in Jamaica, and a testament to its people's unity.