Jerk pork, chicken, and fish. Get a piece of festival. East of town on the main road. 

Pork Pit

This is a cheap Jerk place where you can eat Jerk chicken, Jerk Pork with a chilled Red Stripe for a very cheap price.

Mobay Proper

Here you can eat cheap Jamaican food like Escovitch Fish and other Jamaican curry dishes.


Jerk chicken on the Hip Strip away from the tourist crowd.

Juicy Patties 

Don't forget to checkout this Patty place near the Sam Sharpe Square.

Nyam and Jam Restaurant

Located on Queens Drive also known as "top road". The food is authentic Jamaican usually callalo, ackee and salt fish, etc. for breakfast. Stew Chicken, curry goat, stew pork, etc. for lunch and dinner. The food is inexpensive and very delicious.