Although it is not possible to use walking as a means of getting around Ocho Rios, renting a car for travel in the area is not recommended.  The main mode of transportation used by travelers for getting around Ocho Rios is actually taxi.

Taxis are governed by JUTA , MAXI, and ICAL a Jamaican travel and tour service which provides various types of transportation all around Jamaica.  JUTA taxi service is primarily used for travel to and from the airport and hotels as well as to popular tourist destinations. You only need a taxi to travel to Dunn River Falls or White River or Reggae Beach and you could share the locals taxi or bus service from the bus park at a much cheaper rate than a chartered taxi and probably quite a fun experience.

For travelers who are remaining primarily in the downtown area of Ocho Rios for a bulk of their activities, walking is possible.  In the very center of downtown is a clock tower which travelers can use as a landmark for getting around the city.  The clock tower is located at the intersection of DeCosta Drive and Main Street. It takes no more than 30 minutes to walk from one end of the town to the other.

Main Street is the local name for the street officially known as A3.   This street runs all the way from one end of Ocho Rios, where the White River lies to the other end where visitors go to see Dunn’s River Falls.  Tourists who do rent cars should drive this route to get a scenic understanding of the entire area. If you have your own car rental you will need to park it opposite the post office and adjacent to the craft market to make your situation more central. There maybe a parking fee but not if you use the local shops.

There is a fee to use the beach unless you walk up Main Street to Mahogany Beach past Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church. 

Turtle Park is well worth a visit to enjoy and be entranched by its tropical attractions and relax in a pretty environment.. There is a small car park beside the park or inclusive of it.a small cafe sells drinks and snacks. The loos are clean and well maintained. An ATM is just outside the park and Hard Rock Cafe along the one way road. Yes Ocho Rios is a pleasant place to visit and lap up the hot sunshine with jerk chicken and Red Stripe beer and listen to local reggae.

Ocho Rios is a lovely little town. Yeah mon come and enjoy the culture!!