Children taken on trips to Ocho Rios are unlikely to ever forget the sights and scenery they saw while they were there. Ocho Rios is a stunning place which offers a rich experience for multi-generational families. It is designed for tourists of all ages with primary activities being outdoor and water adventures.

The favorite activity of nearly all children which must be done on any trip to Ocho Rios is the visit to the Dolphin Cove, where children can swim with dolphins. Other animals on display which are usually of interest to children include snakes, stingrays, and tropical birds. The Dolphin Cove is located right next to Dunn’s River Falls, where families can spend the day together swimming in the pools created by the six hundred foot waterfall that the area is known for.

Another favorite stop for most families is Island Village a theme park which offers an array of activities to meet the needs of everyone in the family. Kayaking, riding wave runners, swimming and boating are all options here, as are horseback riding, movies and other entertainment. Duty-free shopping, internet access and casinos can all be enjoyed by adults while the children play.

For those families looking to experience a little bit more of the ancient culture associated with Jamaica, a visit to the working far, Prospect Plantation, should do the trick.