Ocho Rios is a place where visitors can relax by the water during the day and enjoy some hours out on the town at night. Most of the hotels and resorts in the Ocho Rios area offer some form of evening entertainment, ranging from fire eaters to Elvis impersonators, with the most popular performances being reggae music performers, primarily by local bands.

For visitors who want things to get a little more hopping at night, the best bet is Amnesia, a traditional Jamaican nightclub located at 70 Main Street in Ocho Rios. This club has everything from foam parties to live music and cover charge, when they have it is usually less than $5. Reviews of Amnesia can be read at http://travel.yahoo.com/p-reviews-288....  Visitors looking to stop at a more American club should go to Margaritaville at Island Village on Main Street.

For those interested in trying to party with the locals, James Street is usually the place to visit. Many of the resorts along James Street host reggae-themed party music, or on Sunday night try Priory Beach a short taxi ride from Ocho Rios. Visitors staying at Sandals should take advantage of the poolside bar and late night hot tubbing that the resort is known for.