Ponce is a small town with friendly local people, but is important to follow common safety standards. The very benefit of Ponce is that its relaxing atmosphere creates an immediate peace of mind. Don't forget to take typical travel precautions such as:

  • Lock valuables into the hotel safe.
  • Do not carry large sums of loose cash (stash an anterior wallet or money belt).
  • Do not stray into unfamiliar areas of town alone, especially at night.
  • Hire a taxi after a night of drinking.

Hopefully, no emergencies will occur during the vacation. In case of an unexpected threat or illness, the police and medical services can be reached at 9-1-1. Non-threatening situations or calls from the countryside may require a direct connection. Use the following numbers:

  • Police: 787-343-2020
  • Ambulance: 787-343-2222
  • Civil Defense: 787-724-0124
  • Fire Department: 787-343-2330
  • U.S. Coast Guard: 787-729-6770

Health and medical services in Puerto Rico are among the best in the Caribbean and as good as many United States care providers. It is advisable to go to San Juan university hospitals for surgeries that do not require immediate attention. Also, Miami is less than two hours from Puerto Rico and New York City is only three hours away by plane.