Located approximately 7 miles east of the big island of Puerto Rico, Vieques is about 21 miles long and 5 miles wide with a mountain range that runs down the middle.

Public transportation is provided by public vans ("carros publicos") which are supposed to run along government-approved routes through the neighborhoods. But they do not run on schedule so waiting in the street to catch a van is not always reliable.  If you share a van (pick it up in the street), the fare is $3 per person to any destination in the residential areas.  In general , the publicos can be found at the ferry dock when ferries arrive and in the main street in Isabel Segunda and also along the Malecon and near the Green Store in Esperanza. 

Whe you get off a plane or ferry boat, go directly to the sidewalk so you don't get left behind (once they leave the dock, you have to wait a while for them to return from the neighborhoods).    At the ferry dock, you will pay $3 per person (sometimes a charge of 50 cents per bag is also charged) to go to your hotel.   From the airport, you will pay a minimum of $10 if you are not sharing with other passengers.   Tipping supplements the income of Viequenses but it is not necessary to get where you want to go. Most publico drivers are friendly and helpful, and many are very conscientious about not charging more than necessary.  Publicos are very safe.

The same public vans provide private taxi service.  For a taxi, you have to call each driver individually.   If you hire the van privately, the fare is $3.00 per person or a $9 - $10 minimum ( for example from Esperanza to the ferry dock for 2 persons, would be $9-10).   It can be difficult to find a taxi in the evenins.  It is a good idea to call for a taxi at least an hour before you want to be picked up.

Some drivers, not all, provide service to the beaches such as Caracas (Red) or La Chiva (Blue).   The charge varies but can be as low as $30 round trip for 2 people to go to Red Beach.  

Some visitors rent cars or jeeps for part or all of their stay (prices range from $40 to $85 per day).   If you opt to stay in Isabel II or Esperanza, you might be able to do without a car and just use the public vans for remote beaches.  Many of the most popular beaches, such as Sun Bay, are within walking distance  to Esperanza.