When traveling to Vieques renting a car is the best way to get around. One thing to do when you are planning your trip is to make sure a rental car is available for the same period you are booking your accommodations.  This is especially important if you are traveling during the busy season. Car rental prices range from $50 to $85 per day, depanding on the type of vehicle.

Vieques Car & Jeep Rental 787-741-1037 offers pick up and drop off service at the airport, ferry, W Hotel, Bravos Beach Hotel, Casa De Amistad and also accomodates special pick up and drop off requests when possible (rentals require a 3 day minimum). Avis Car Rental 757-397-2533 (will pick you up at your hotel or house). Island Car Rental (W Hotel) 787-741-7099, Island Car Rental (offsite location) 787-741-8822, Maritza's Car Rental 787-741-0078, Martineau Car Rental, B&E Car Rental 787-435-6488, Chepito Car Rental 787-8691, Abreeze Car Rental 787-741-1856, Marcos Car Rental 787-741-1388 and Acevedo Car Rental 787-741-4380 are all also good places to check out when you need a car.

Some driving rules to keep in mind: Speed limits are 35 mph on the main roads, and 10 – 15 mph on town and beach roads. Yellow curbs are no parking zones, blue curbs are handicap parkings and “no estacione” means no parking.

Keep in mind that although it is true you might prefer the convenience of a car to get to more remote beaches, which are accessible by roads made by the NAVY for training with tanks and humvees (consider renting a Jeep) for many tourists the beaches near Esperanza, in walking distance of the Malecon, are among the best.  

For those who do not want to worry about car issues or driving, or the expense of a rental, publicos can be found fairly easily. They are safe and inexpensive. You share a publico with other passengers usually. They are easiest to find in Esperanza along the Malecon and in Isabel Segunda at the ferry and in the main plaza. If you keep an eye out, you can flag them down other places. They have yellow plates and are easily recognized. The publico drivers are well known. Most places you can go for $3 or less. If you call a cab specifically (there are only a few cabs to call), the charge will be more. You can find drivers who will act as a tour guide and take you around to see places and beaches where , without a car, you might not get otherwise. This may vary in cost, as much as $30 to $45 depending on the time involved and the driver. Although a prearranged publico/taxi to a specific stop may start out with a cost of $9 or so, it is common for them to reduce the price if someone else gets in for the same destination, or along the same route. The main drawbacks to publicos, besides not being easily found for more remote areas of the island, are that in the evening they are harder to find, and they all usually go to Isabel when the ferries are arriving, so you need to know the ferry schedule and plan accordingly.