While visited by tens of thousands of tourists annually, the permanent population of Saba is only about 1,200 people from around the world. This makes for a true melting pot, with a mixing of Dutch, Scottish and African peoples making up the most common ethnic backgrounds. The island’s small size also means that many residents can trace their names to around half-dozen or so families.

Saba relies heavily today on tourism, but the island has a long history of farming and fishing. Today the island lacks any large city, but is instead made up of several colorful villages, and each of these has something unique to offer. As travelers from around the world have come and discovered Saba, and then made it their home, the island features a range of food dishes, and these include such far away tastes as Italian and Chinese! The Dutch influence is heavy on the island, and while Dutch is the official language, English is actually more widely spoken by the locals.

This Caribbean island is also somewhat modest. Casual sportswear is considered an appropriate style of dress across the island, but swimsuits are not considered appropriate when you’re away from the beach, so do keep this in mind while you’re traveling to see the various sights and attractions.