Most sports and activities in St. Barths are themed around the island's beautiful beaches and the Caribbean Sea.  All resorts on the island offer visitors several water-related activities, many of which are appropriate for families.  One popular activity on the island is diving.  Whether it be SCUBA or snorkeling, most resorts offer lessons and diving excursions which include equipment rentals, lessons and supervision, and boat rides to good diving areas.  Many private companies on St. Barths also offer such services to tourists.  For a listing of diving and snorkeling companies visit the St. Barths Online Diving Page.    

Sailing and boating are also popular on the island.  Boats can be rented at many of St. Barth's resorts or visitors can simply buy passage on a boat for the day.  Many sailing and boating trips may also include fishing and/or diving activities.  Ask your boat operator for details. 

For those who do not wish to get wet, St. Barths also offers several tennis courts.  St. Barths is famous for tennis, many professional players having been known to vacation there.  All of the island's resorts offer courts and some employ a tennis pro to give lessons and tips to players.  Several tennis tournaments are also offered on the island each year.  For more information see the St Barths Online Tennis Page.