There are several walks and tours available to help you experience the way of life that is truly Saint Lucian. Start with a trip to the community of Fond Assau in Babonneu. Here you can experience the traditional music of the island as played by a local Chak Chak band. The local color includes food preparation of cassava bread, cooking on macambou leaves and even catching crayfish right from the river.

The Castries Heritage Walk in the island’s capital will provide detailed information on the architectural history of the old colonial city, while providing information on the ever-changing modern Caribbean. The Pigeon Island National Park also is a must-see for visitors looking to experience the island’s rich history. Here you can see a real pirate hideout, and visit Fort Charlotte, which is today a college but was the site of a battle between French and British forces for control of the island during colonial days.  

The Choiseul Heritage site is another village that is rich in history, and offers crafts for sale to visitors. It also offers some of the island’s most spectacular views!