If renting, be sure to get a four wheel vehicle. If you really want to see the island at your own pace this is the only way to go.  We went with a national company - Budget because we were familiar with the company.  This is one island where you can feel safe to drive everywhere and anywhere at any time of the day or night.

For those of you who wish to travel by bus in St Lucia. The bus system is essentially made up of privately owned and operated minivans. Getting on a bus (minivan) is a very inexpensive way of travelling around the island, and typically the buses run from early in the morning until around 9-10pm at night (depending upon where you are). Recognising a bus is sometimes a bit difficult, so one of the easiest ways is to look at the number plate and you wil usually see the letter H displayed in the middle of the plate, denoting its a bus. Simply flag down the bus, pay the driver and off you go.