Minibuses (green license plates) are available island-wide in towns and villages. The north of the island is well-served especially around the capital city of Castries and from/to the tourist center of Rodney Bay-Gros Islet.

There is no scheduled timetable. Minibuses at start/end points leave when filled with passengers.

Minibus service runs till about 10:00pm, and a little later on Friday nights. Fares from/to Castries and the north coast area is from EC$1.50-$2.75, and from/to Castries and the south is EC$8.00.

The local buses are good value for money, and all fares are in EC currency. Try and have the local monies instead of the US dollar or you will find that some drivers will over charge you or charge you the fare in US dollar. 

Land taxis (blue license plates) are available at designated taxi stands and can, also, be called for pick-up by telephone.

Taxicab fare from Castries to Hewanorra Airport is about EC $212 / USD 80 and Castries to Rodney Bay is about EC $80 / USD 30 for up to 3 passengers, each additional passenger +USD 25.

Minibuses, which can accommodate up to 14 passengers, can be hired as taxis for small groups.

Water taxis are, also, available for hire at all ports, fisheries complexes and on the beach at hotels/resorts.