It is difficult to say, exactly, what is off the beaten path in an area like Gros Islet.  Perhaps any shop that is out of reach of the cruise ships could be considered off the beaten path.  Or maybe any day trip that requires you to leave the comfort of your beach / hotel counts as being off the beaten path.  The most “forgotten” part of the Gros Islet area, however, is certainly the northeast coast.

On the northeast coast, or Grand Anse, you will find a government protected nature reserve that is full of private coves and rocky shores.  The drive to get to this area is not for the faint of heart: it will bump your heart right out of your chest if you are not careful.  

Still, it is well worth the trip.  In the coves you will find birds, snakes, and endangered sea turtles (more than three species of sea turtles come to Grand Anse).  If you want to catch the turtle nesting season, you must come sometime between February and October.