There are an unlimited (well, almost) number of things to do on Gros Islet.  In one day you could climb a banana tree, ride a horse, and stand on the lip of a volcano.  There are many places in Gros Islet and the surrounding area that are possible to explore on your own.  If you feel like you want some help with your exploration, try one of the many island tour companies that will arrange jeep safaris, rainforest walks, shopping tours, boat tours, and volcano trips.

The biggest attraction, literally, is the volcano.  Other, smaller, attractions include Rodney Bay, Marigot Bay, Pigeon Island National Historic Park, the various nature reserves (where you can see the nesting grounds of endangered sea turtles), mineral baths, and botanical gardens.

If you like your brewery’s, go to Bounty Run Distillery.  If you like beautiful views, check out The Pitons.  So while Gros Islet is not exactly rife with museums (although it does have art galleries), Gros Islet does have plenty of attractions.