Visitors spending time in Soufriere almost always rent a car to assist them with getting around the area.  Rental cars are most often obtained at the airport upon arrival, although there are other car rental options on the island of St. Lucia.  Visitors seeking more information about rental cars and driving laws can visit for more information.  This page also has information about taxis in the area.  Taxis are a viable option as transportation both to and from the airport as well as around Soufriere.  Taxis can be hailed at taxi stands or called for pick-up.  Guests traveling in large groups will be happy to know that some taxi services offer van taxis to suit the needs of group travelers.

Visitors who prefer to take a more adventurous approach to their travels might be more interested in renting a four wheel drive vehicle or a motorcycle, rather than in renting a standard car.  Jeep rentals are particularly common in Soufriere, as many visitors like to get up on to the rocky roads that simply can’t be reached by car.  Travel agents and local rental companies are the best resources for rentals of this kind.

Visitors interested in public transportation options in Soufriere have limited options.   There is a bus in St. Lucia, traveling in the northern part of the island, but it does not run on any particular schedule and is more like a shuttle bus than a city bus.   It is recommended that visitors go with the taxi option rather than the bus option when possible.