There is never a bad time to make Soufriere a travel destination.  The weather is beautiful year round (see for more weather information) and there are always plenty of attractions to visit ( ) and activities to enjoy (see and for examples).  However, visitors may wish to make their Soufriere trip extra special by visiting the area during one of Soufriere’s annual events.

The Dive Fest is the best annual event for visitors to the area to try to see.  This is an all-ages celebration which includes events such as kayaking, snorkeling, boat racing, and barbecues.  More information about this event can be learned at .  It should be noted that the events for the Dive Fest take place all throughout the area, not just in Soufriere, but Soufriere visitors will find that the events in Soufriere are fun and visitors wishing to see other events will find transportation to the other areas to be relatively simple to navigate.

The biggest event within the larger area of St. Lucia is the annual jazz festival ( ).   This is one of the famous Caribbean parties which draws in travelers from all throughout the world.   In addition to the festival itself, a number of side activities take place throughout the area at this time in celebration of the festivity in the air.