The BVI is considered to be a very low-crime rate collection of islands and are amongst the top wealthiest islands in the Caribbean. The police force on Tortola is efficient and safety is not typically an issue, one can leave their doors unlocked at night and traverse the streets for a stroll or walking to restaurants. Petty theft in very crowded areas such as Cane Garden Bay or in populated areas of Road Town, is not very typical, however is it always wise to keep an eye on your belongings.

If you have any medical issues the Peeble's Hospital of Tortola is generally sufficient with good doctor's and nurses for emergencies and has modernized tremendously over the last 2 years with new wings, equipment and services offered. For very serious medical emergencies the island will offer to air-lift patients out via helicopter or commercial airline to Puerto Rico where there is a very good hospital.

There are a vast number of clinics on the island such as B&F, The Road Town Health Clinic, Dr. Hodge's Clinic and more. There are many well-stocked and modern pharmacies on the island as well. For specialty doctors such as dentists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons the island also has many. The Bouganvillea Clinic is well known in the Caribbean for it's great dermatologists and provides a huge number of cosmetic services.

The water on Tortola is safe to drink in almost all cases, however some do not enjoy the taste and prefer to purchase bottled water or gallon jugs of spring water.