Most of the shopping on this Caribbean island is confined to small, locally owned boutiques, but there are still a lot of treasures to be found. Main Street in Road Town has a lot of these shops, offering everything from local art to beach clothing to perfumes. Groceries can be found at Bobby’s Supermarket in Road Town, which offers online ordering, delivery and yacht provision packages and a huge selection of personal and food goods. Also in Road Town there are several Rite Way Supermarkets which are well stocked with delis and bakeries.

Stores such as Latitude 18, Pusser's Clothing Stores (found right next to their restaurants located both in Road Town, West End and Marina Cay) and Sunny Caribbee Spice Co and Art Gallery with two locations, one in Road Town and also Soper's Hole, offers a wide variety of West Indian specialty's,, all products are either made or designed in the Caribbean.., with many being produced in their their adjacent factory . Hi-Ho have a large selection of beachwear, casual clothing, souvenirs and gift items. For jewelry shopping and ear piercing, try The Jewelry Box. For unique island jewelery desgin Samarkand Jewellers is your place. For a huge selection of famous designer jewelry pieces There is no tax on anything you buy from stores in the BVI, however items you declare on a form when entering USVI customs you will be taxed for accordingly.

If you are looking to bring home some beautifully packaged island spices, visit Sunny Caribbee , two locations, Main Street-Road Town and Soper's Hole, offer's a wide variety of spices, seasonings, hot sauces,,,,along with fragrances and arts/crafts.. Try their complimentary Mango or Hibiscus Iced Tea samples.... Pusser’s Company Store sells famous rum and rum cake that you should try at least once, as well as cocktail mixes and a few other exotic food items.