Long Bay is the most secluded but also the most beautiful beach on Virgin Gorda. It is accessed by going to and then just pass the Nail Bay resort.  It is about 15 minutes passed Savannah Bay Beach, the second best beach on Virign Gorda.  The road to Long Bay is very steep and bouncy but well worth it.  Do not turn around, it is worth it.  When you get to Nail Bay just continue through with the water on your left, eventually you will come to an area where the road heads back down toward the water and there you can either head left down, or up to the right. You will know you are close because the houses and driveways stop.  Head down to the left to a small parking area.  Usually there will be at the most one other vehicle.  You are there!.  The path takes you to the beach about 20 yards, you will come out to an open cove to your left, and the Nail Bay resort homes can be seen just to your left.  Head right about half a mile, where the beach ends in a secluded lagoon type cove, where there may or may not be a boat anchored.  The sand is soft and you are in paradise.  No civilization can be seen in any direction.  Bring some Coronas, because you are not going to want to leave.    For directions try the Nail bay web site, and if you get lost they can direct you to Long Bay beach from their office. On the nail Bay travel page the bottom picture is of Nail Bay.