Your best choice for a day trip in Virgin Gorda is a snorkeling tour. It is better to know more than one island as every beach offer different advtanges for snorkeling. Day trips to the neighboring islands and cays are easily arranged at the front desk of the hotel or resort where you stay. You can rent a boat with or without a captain. If you are not familiar with the Caribbean sea where the distances among the islands are bigger than expected and there are reefs and sunk objects that may damage the boat, or if you have any doubts about your navigating skills, let the driving to a captain.

Travelers can hire a tour from Double D Charters at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, from Leverick Bay Watersports or from Charter Virging Gorda near Leverick Bay if you are interested in Mahoe Bay.

Mahoe Bay is said to be one the best beaches for snorkeling with no currents, no jellyfish and there is rich marine fauna, it is great for kids. South Sound is another good spot, secluded and guarded by a rocky coastline, it has excellent coral and lots of fishes. Other goods spots are Monkey Point and Little Thatch Island.

The most popular beach is The Baths but it quickly gets crowded with tourists making snorkeling troublesome though equally enjoyable.