The British Virgin Islands proudly put on many fun events and festivals throughout the year. Peter Island is too small itself to host enough to entertain all year round; but all the islands combined present a full calendar. Because inter-transportation between the islands is easy, planning around an event taking place on a different island from the one on which you are staying is not a problem.

In early December, celebrate the pirate legends of these islands by coming for the Pirate race held by the West End Yacht Club. The race takes place on Tortola. 

Christmas and New Year's are a great time to come to the islands. The perfect weather, charm of the holiday season, and new year's eve bash bring down many guests each year. New Year's Eve at Foxy's Bay on Tortola is known for having one of the top New Year's Eve parties around.

One of the biggest events of the year for the British Virgin Islands, is without a doubt the British Virgin Islands Music Fest. The islands are already alive with music, but this festival makes the spirit and celebration of music one of the happiest places you could ever be.

For an event calendar of the islands, visit the British Islands online tourist board.