The grocery stores on the island are very similar in layout and type of products carried as those in the United States.  Many also carry goods that would be familiar to those visitors from the UK and Asia.  The larger grocery stores have hot lunch buffets and salad bars.  Almost all the grocery stores accept credit cards and traveler's cheques and many have a pharmacy located inside the store.

Foster's Food Fair is the largest operation on the island with full-size or "Express" mini stores serving all districts.  It is affiliated with the IGA chain.

Hurley's is generally considered a bit more upmarket and tailors to residents of George Town and South Sound.

Kirk Market is located in George Town near the start of Seven Mile Beach and is only a 10 minute walk from the cruise ship terminal. Kirk Market is reknowned for its excellent offering of high quality fresh produce, meat & seafood and special dietary. In addition to being a fully stocked grocery store they also have a mediterranean deli with chef prepared meals and the island's best salad bar. For added convenience Kirk Pharmacy is also located within the store.

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