A good time of year to visit Little Cayman is during the winter. Though a lot more tourists come to the area during this time, it is for a reason. When you visit the Caribbean in the winter you get the best weather for the area. During the winter the temperatures will remain constant around 75-85 degrees Farenheit. If you were to visit during the spring or summer you would find that the temperatures are much hotter and more humid. One thing to keep in mind is that Little Cayman is a very small island that isn't visited by nearly the same amount of tourists as Grand Cayman. Still, when you visit in the winter you can expect to see more people than you would any other time of year. The majority of the visitors consist of people living in the northeast where is it cold and snowy. You should probably see a good amount of families there too, so be ready for that. When you come to Little Cayman you should definitely pack clothes that are light and comfortable. Bring a bathing suit, shorts, and t-shirts. You might want to bring some other clothes for when you go out at night, but there isn't a huge nightlife on the island anyway.