Scuba divers will want to visit the wreck of this large freighter, which was rated by Skin Diver Magazine as being in the top 20 in the Caribbean. The 144 foot ship sank in a storm in 1985, and then, four years later, the sunken ship was broken in half during Hurricane Hugo.

The two parts of the wreck lie in 50 feet of water. The surfaces are beautifully encrusted with coral, and both parts of the wreck are home to numerous fish, including Angelfish, Rays, Snappers and Squirrel Fish.

Besides the main wreck, a van and virtually intact bulldozer on the ocean floor add interest and harbor more fish. This shallow dive is suitable for experienced divers and those newer to the sport as well, and is just a very short boat ride out and back, easily accessible even if you have a tight schedule.  Warm water temperatures and good visibility help make this wreck a great choice.

There are four dive centers on St. Kitts: Kenneth's Dive Center, Pro-Divers, Dive St. Kitts, and Frigate Bay Divers.

For divers who are coming to Nevis, there is currently one dive center on that island, and that is Scuba Safaris on Oualie Beach.