Once you arrive in St. Kitts, there are a number of ways to get around the island. One of the most enjoyable ways is by scooter, especially with a partner. Scooters can be rented just as easily as a car and cost less, plus the convenience of driving one beats waiting in traffic any day.

If scooters aren't your style, however, a taxi may be the next best option. You'll find them assembled at the airport and at Port Zante, where they wait to serve cruise ship passengers. Transportation by taxi on St. Kitts is very reasonably priced. Though the taxis are not metered, fares are preset, and depend on your destination.

Your taxi driver can also serve as a very competent tour guide. 

Public buses are recognized by their "H" license plate and run every day. They are cheaper than taxis, but they do not follow any particular schedule, which can ruffle your feathers if you have time constraints. Look for personalized mini-vans and listen for loud music coming from the windows. Drivers will respond to a wave from the side of the road, or you can catch the buses where they wait at the ferry terminal in Basseterre. Fares are based on your destination. The buses do not serve the Frigate Bay area.

If you want to travel between the islands of St. Kitts and Nevis, you can go by ferry. The main ferries travel between Basseterre, St. Kitts and Charlestown, Nevis. There is also a car and passenger ferry called the "Sea Bridge" which runs a much shorter route, between Majors Bay on the southeastern peninsula of St. Kitts and Cades Bay on Nevis.  It is possible to take a water taxi between the two islands if you book in advance. Water taxis are a bit expensive, but if you can take enough passengers to fill the taxi, the price per person is much more affordable.