Geo Caching is about locating hidden Geographical "Treasure Chests" using GPS coordinates, (in other words Latitudes and Longitudes.)  The Treasure Chests or Geo Caches each contain a Log Book to register in, with other odds and ends included as bonuses.  

The team has hidden 5 Geo Caches at historically significant places on the island of Nevis. Any visitor can locate the caches, and then learn about the Pirates that came through this part of the Caribbean. 

There is also an ink pad and stamp in each cache.  Use these to stamp a special sheet (email and ask for one, it is free). If a visitor collects all five stamps on their sheet, many places on Nevis will give that person either free drinks, or other discounts.  This includes discounts on hiking, biking, dinners, car rentals, scuba diving and even taxis.  The sheet will also contain more information and links for Nevis.

Nevis Geo Caches  Here are the five Geo Caches.  They are all carefully hand-made, so please don't take them; leave them for others to enjoy.


The Clues are as follows:


Cache 1:  coordinates: N17o08.001 W062o35.287

"A small tower stands by the door,

Made to drip water, but it drips no more.

Inside the tower stands a clay pot,

Dry as a bone, it water has not.

In its catch basin, there doth lie

The cache that you seek, don’t pass it by!"


Cache 2:   N17o08.570  W062o34.027

"Thomas Grisham cast me for the crown,

Over 400 years I’ve been around.

I stand outside a building’s door;

No cache lies inside my bore,

But my friend stands in the lot.

I think you seek what he has got!"


Cache 3:   N17o11.783 W062o35.741

"Thomas Cottle built this place,

For all members of the human race.

Read its history, it’s mostly true

And then this is what you need to do:

Raise your mind to a higher frame,

Above you rests a cache of pirate fame."


Cache 4:   N17o09.157 W062o36.756

"Face this Great House, go through the arch,

Now turn to the right and 40 feet march.

You are in an old hall

No more roof, but there is a wall

A “room” on the right has a hole on the left,

Look in it closely and you won’t leave bereft!"


Cache 5:   N17007.972 W062037.987

"They stood on the point and took a quick look,

The ship they saw was from a famous crook.

They went to the cannon to prepare a quick shot,

But found the cannon bore was blocked by a rock."

Three in a row, facing the port,

The one in the middle did not spew forth!


If you don't have a GPS, let the team know, as some people will loan you a GPS unit. Alternatively you can simply look the points up on "Google Earth", and then plan out your searching in advance.  The clues are fairly straightforward and simple once you get to the location.   Have fun!