The Parish church of St. Thomas' Lowland stands on a hill overlooking the Caribbean Sea and St. Kitts. The church was built in 1643, and was the first Anglican church in the Caribbean.

The churchyard has gravestones which go as far back as 1649, with the graves of the first British settlers of Nevis, and the church itself contains the vault of the founder of the Bath Hotel, John Huggins, who lived from 1763 to 1821.

This church originally served Jamestown, which was the first capital of Nevis. Jamestown no longer exists as a settlement, and archeologists are currently working to try to determine why it was abandoned. An old legend tells of Jamestown having sunk under the sea after an earthquake and a tidal wave.  The archeologists now think that the earthquake and resulting tidal wave may have covered Jamestown in sand.


Inside the church, looking towards the altar.