The Horatio Nelson Museum is a surprisingly rich museum of Nelson memorabilia; in fact this collection is considered to be the best in the New World. In 2005 the museum celebrated the 200th aniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar in which Lord Nelson led 27 British ships to a resounding victory over the Franco-Spanish fleet.

Nevis has a very strong connection historically with Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, who lived from 1758 to 1805, and who had a brilliant career in the Royal Navy. His inspiring leadership, "The Nelson Touch", and his strategic insights are considered to have been responsible for establishing British supremacy on the high seas. 

When he was still a young captain, Nelson was stationed for some time on the island of Nevis, where he met and married a young widow, Fanny Nisbet, whose first husband's family owned Nisbet Plantation. It is very fitting that Nevis should have such a splendid collection, and so many well-pulled together exhibits on this British Naval hero.  

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