Riviere House Restaurant

A good place to eat on a special occasion (or any occasion) is the Riviere House Restaurant. The food is really excellent and the prices are very reasonable. The ambiance is calm and elegant and the staff are friendly.

Located in Charlestown a short distance up the hill on Government Road, a 100-year-old Nevisian house has been converted into a very attractive restaurant with a really large and cool covered porch at the back. There are numerous pieces of art and jewelry exhibited indoors which can be purchased if you are so inclined. The profits from the jewelry and art sales go to support several local charities, primarily the Nevis Hospital.  

Riviere House is open Tuesdays through Saturdays for both lunch and dinner, plus they have special events throughout the year.  Prices are in Eastern Caribbean dollars and are less expensive than many other places, yet with exceptional quality food.  This restaurant is well worth a visit when you are in Charlestown.