Dark View or "Darview" falls is up the mountian from Richmond Beach on the Leeward side of St. Vincent.  Most people and some of the freebe tourist maps can direct you.  The signs around the area claim that it is a project of St. Vincent in conjunction with the European Union...but this spectacular natural area is obviously still in development as a tourist attraction.  Unlike its counterpart in Wallilabou, these seem like "real" waterfalls.  A set of falls off the road will be found by following the trail across a rickety looking (but very safe) bamboo bridge, which the locals claim cost 70 thousand EC dollars to build. Up a slight hill, and you will see the first falls, some 60 feet high, cascading into a wading pool.  The first falls is easliy accessed by families.  Up the trail further, another falls awaits, but beware, the trail is not for the timid as stairs "in name only" await fit adults and active kids.  The dense bamboo forest and river over round boulders and the cool falls offer a picturesque and quiet repose from the rest of the leeward side of the island.  The locals frequent the place on holidays for picnics and breadfruit roasts, ignoring the "no open fires" signs.  Restrooms and parking lots are in the works, but this attraction is quiet and only on some of the Vincentian tourist information.  It is recommended that you visit with a guide or seasoned Caribbean traveler, as the remoteness of the falls might be intimidating.  A must for the adventurous traveler.