Getting around the islands and off the beach can be a bit tricky in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Rental car are available at the airports and in the larger towns, but to drive in the islands you’ll need a local permit, which you can get from the police station or licensing authority for about $30. You’ll need an American license and be at least 21-years old to get a permit, which will then allow you to rent a car. Not all the roads are surfaced throughout the island either, and in the interior of the islands can be narrow with steep inclines. You should probably avoid driving at night, as there are very guardrails in the steep and winding mountain roads.

Buses do run throughout the island, but they can be very crowded and far from clean. Buses routes are also not as well marked as they are in other countries. The “buses” are also not much more than mini-vans that will take locals and tourists to various destinations.

The best way to get around the island is probably by taxi, which you can hire by the hour. Feel free to negotiate with them.