Not as well visited as it deserves to be, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Botanical Gardens are located on the Leeward, or west coast of the main island. This is, in fact, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the western hemisphere and remains a hidden gem to many travelers.

The islands were actually the original destination for Captain Bligh’s journey on the HMS Bounty, known for the famous mutiny. Well he didn't make it the first time (talk about off the beaten track), but on a follow-up voyage he did, and at the gardens is a descendent of one of the original breadfruit trees brought from Tahiti. Today it thrives in the garden complex, which was first founded in 1762 as a breeding ground for various plantlife from all over the British Empire.

The gardens are also home to various wildlife of St. Vincent, as well as dozens of unique flowers. This is one of the few gardens that features plants from so many parts of the world. A guided tour is available, and the gardens are open daily throughout the year. Full tours are $3 (US) a person, and half tours are $2.