Active visitors to the island of Bequia need not worry, as there are plenty of sports and activities to keep them thoroughly entertained.  Seeing that Bequia is an island, many of these activities have to do with the surf and sand.

            The scuba diving is very good off of Bequia, and is amongst the best islands in the Caribbean.  There are two Dive Companies Dive Bequia and Bequia Dive Adventures on the island, which offer uncertified customers the opportunity to obtain a scuba license.  These companies also offer multi day dive trips, as well as advanced diving courses.  For those without scuba certification who still want to take a peak under the sea, try snorkeling.

            Yachting has become a popular activity for visitors to the island, as there are many companies offering charter services around the area.  Some of the trips are day trips and others are multi day excursions.  For more information, check out this Sailing in Bequia page. 

            Deep Sea Fishing is a very popular activity on the island, as there is always the chance of catching something big from the ocean.  The local fish that are caught include marlin, tuna, and kingfish.  Ask once you are there about arranging a day's fishing.

            The beaches around the island offer guests are perfect for snorkelling and windsurfing - or just soaking up the sun.  Jet skis are prohibited by law throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.