Made one of the Caribbean’s wealthiest islands by its oil deposits, Trinidad was made one of its most cosmopolitan and vibrant by its people. Roughly 1.3 million in all, the population is incredibly diverse, with Africans, Indians, Americans, Europeans, and Asians all walking the streets of its bustling capital, Port-of-Spain, and adding their own traditions and flavors to the cultural mélange. It bears the marks of a colonial past; a possession of Spain and England and settled extensively by the French as well, Trinidad has a distinctly European flair that complement its tropical pulse.

Still, there are some things that seem to bring the whole island together. The annual Carnival, which is one of the world’s largest Pre-Lenten celebrations, has been transformed from a religious event into one that is embraced by Trinidadians regardless of faith (christianity, islam and hinduism are the dominant religions)  or ethnicity, (as well as droves of non-natives who fly in exclusively for the festival). The faster pace of life in the capital, which is loaded with shops, well regarded schools, clubs and restaurants (Indian snakettes (small eatery)  are especially prevalent, as they are the largest ethnic group of the island’s population and can trace their roots back to the subcontinent ), is set off by the brilliant beaches of the coast and pastoral charm of the island’s interior.  Bust a lime!