Port of Spain is a large, metropolitan city with plenty of transportation options.  Very common are the maxi taxis, private mini bus service that runs along several routes in the city.  These are considered to be a quick and efficient, as well as economical way to get around town.  Port of Spain also has traditional taxis, which are identified by their signs and H license plates.  Taxi drivers should quote you a price for getting you to your destination before you leave.  Click here for a listing of taxi and maxi taxi companies and operators.

If you wish to see things outside of Port of Spain's urban area you can rent a car.  Cars are available at the airport as well as at several downtown locations.  The Trinidad City Guide has a listing of car rental companies in the Port of Spain area.  And remember that If you do plan to rent a car, driving in Trinidad is done on the left side of the road. 

Also available in Port of Spain are ferries which take passengers between the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.  Click here for ferry schedules and prices.