Trinidad and its smaller sister island Tobago make up the Caribbean country the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  Just a few miles separate the two islands (a 15 min. plane ride) but they are worlds apart. 

There are actually Trinidadians who live their whole life in Trinidad without ever visiting Tobago and Tobagonians who live their whole life in Tobago without ever setting foot in Trinidad. 

Tobago is the Caribbean you have seen on postcards of turquoise water and coconut trees.  And Tobago people are a complete contrast to their Trinidad cousins - warm, welcoming and cheerful instead of aloof and disdainful.

It is not as commercially developed as the majority of its tourism destination where they are trying to preserve the rustic environment of the island to be appreciated by nature lovers.  Tobago days are lazy stretches punctuated with rooster crows.  The people are polite but subdued, going about their business as if in quiet reflection.  The sun encourages you to find shade under a thatched roof of palm fronds and to reach for an icy glass of  refreshment. 

But if you want to be energetic and enjoy some of the best the Caribbean has to offer there are plenty of activities.  You just need to look....

The night grows louder with the chirps of tree frogs and the sky bleeds red before turning black as pitch and sprouting millions of bright white stars.  Tobago is a treasure on its own with conch fritters and goat races, glass bottom boats and snorkeling on the Buccoo Reef.

Welcome to TnT (as it's locally called).  The official hybrid name for the inhabitants is Trinbagonians, a mixture (or callaloo stew) of 2 islands and 2 peoples into one country both separated and connected by the sea - but very, very different!