This does not review any resort or dive operator, only on the quality of scuba diving in/around Turks and Caicos, including French Cay, from the viewpoint of experienced divers familiar with much of the Caribbean and other areas.

Weather is good, seas are generally calm, and visibility ranges from 60' - 100'+ .  Hard corals are mostly dead.  Estimates of how much was still alive total only about 10 - 15%.  Very rare to find any soft coral.  There are a variety of sponges, many doing well especially the giant barrel sponges.  Some of the tube sponges appear sick, with strands of something on them. Very few fish and other creatures can be seen, far less than typically seen elsewhere in the Caribbean.  The number of species is very low, similar to what you see in Bonaire - much less than generally in the Caribbean.   Photography conditions are excellent, but avilability of subjects is very limited.

If you just want to get wet, you can certainly do so in Turks and Caicos.  But if you are experienced diver, this is not the place to go.   Turks and Caicos is a great place for a beach, but not for scuba.