It can rain any time of year in Turks & Caicos but September, October, and November are wettest as it is the storm / hurricane season - don't worry though because most days the sun will come out fairly quickly. Major storms are fairly rare as most go south or north of the island group.


Grand Turk has less rain than most of the other islands which is great for those visiting on cruise ships or the dedicated scuba people. North seems to get most rain and Providenciales gets the backlash from this as rain clouds pass by. The way the islands lie means that most of these rains tend to give wetter weather in the north of Providenciales than the south but all areas can get major downpours followed by bright sunshine.


Best time is November to end April with warm days, fewer rainstorms and cooler evening - just the occasional evening when you need long sleeves if sitting outdoors in a restaurant.


Bottom line is that all year round, Grace Bay is a great place to visit and stay for a few weeks. Grand Turk has become far more tourist friendly with plenty of attractions to enjoy compared to just a short while ago.